Not the bloody Barbican

A new blog to celebrate the wit and wisdom of the Guess Where London flickr group.

From time to time, posts to Guess Where London prompt entertainingly rambling threads and jokes, or lead to educational and informative discussions.

It is easy to miss these unless you obsessively check each picture for new comments, so I intend this blog to highlight the more memorable moments. Please let me know of anything you think belongs here.

Group discussion threads can also be interesting, but quickly sink off the front page, so highlights of these may also be included here.

If you would like to contribute to this blog, please get in touch. By its nature, it’s impossible for me to be aware of everything that is worth adding here.




  1. Oh this seems like quite a good idea!

  2. Good idea! I’ve added this blog to my favorites/bookmarks and will look back to see what’s new.

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